Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

Brief Overview

An Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) describes your child's needs (what he or she can and cannot do) and what needs to be done to meet those needs by education, health and social care services. 

The majority of children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) will have their needs met through universal mainstream provision. Children and young people with the highest level of need will be assessed for an EHCP, which will set out an overview of the child’s needs. The EHCP replaces SEN statements and Learning Difficulty Assessments (for older children) and will be for children and young people 0-25 years of age.

An EHCP needs assessment should not be the first step in assessing a child or young person’s special educational needs. It will usually follow on from planning already done with parents and young people with help from an early years provider, school or post-16 institution or other provider.

The EHC Assessment Team receive all requests for EHC Plans and work with parents and carers as children and young people go through the process. The team write the EHC Plans from the advice that comes in from the assessment. They work with schools to review plans and make sure that children's and young people's needs are met with the resources given to nurseries, schools and colleges. They answer questions and queries from settings and parents and carers.

Click below to view some useful videos produced by the Council for Disabled Children which explain EHC Plans and Annual Reviews

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Contact Details

EHC Assessment Team - Main Contact 

Address: Integrated Services c / o New Town House, Buttermarket Street, Warrington, WA1 2NH

Telephone: 01925 442917

Andrea Barnes : EHC Assessment Team Manager 

Tel: 01925 443173


Melanie Allen : EHC Plan Reviewing and Monitoring Officer 

 Tel: 01925 446268


EHC Plan Co-Ordinators :

Sarah O'Neill Tel 01925 442880 Mobile: 07583 139493 Email:

Ian Wilson Tel: 01925 444237 Mobile: 07583 139253 Email:

Katie Hunt Tel: 01925 444044 Mobile: 07583 109159 Email:

Paula Doherty Tel: 001925 442910 Mobile: 07583 138766 Email:

Jeanette Cunningham Tel: 01925 444046 Mobile: 07583 109534 Email:

Mel Turner Tel: 01925 442908 Mobile: 07583 13959 Email:

Jo Holmes Tel: 01925 446238 Mobile: 07583 109477 Email:

Denise Jones Tel: 01925 442909 Mobile: 07583 145859 Email:

Lisa Mayers Tel: 01925 444045 Mobile: 07583 109423 Email:

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