Feedback from Oi Listen, a self advocacy group for young people with SEND 
 You said  We did
 The links to other websites work better now The Ask Ollie Team have worked hard to update broken links on Ask Ollie to make sure they work correctly
 I like that there are logos on directory pages We have updated the directory pages with company logos where available in response to feedback from Ask Ollie users
 I like that there are lots of photos on Ask Ollie We have added photographs to the carousel and the main information content pages in response to feedback
 There are no photos or logo on the bowling directory page Logos are added to directory pages when provided by service providers or available publicly via the internet in the correct format
 Seashells college is not on Ask Ollie The Ask Ollie team will request that the Seashells organisation complete the registration document so that they can be featured in Ask Ollie's directory pages. New services are added to Warrington's Local Offer regularly.
 There are no photos on some directory pages This is usually because the organisation concerned have not provided an electronic image to be used on their directory page when they registered with Ask Ollie. Sometimes it is possible to retrieve a logo image from the internet but only if it is in the correct format required for Ask Ollie. We are adding logos to the directory regularly by contacting organisations to request these images.
 There is a lot of writing In response to feedback the amount of text has been reduced where possible without losing quality of content. Tabs have been added to the directory pages to allow people to just select the information they are interested in without scrolling through lots of other writing. Text withing the directory pages has been re-formatted into paragraphs to make it easier to read.
 The link to Green Lane 6th Form isn't working This has been resolved, many thanks for bringing it to our attention
 The carousel on the home page moves too fast In response to feedback we have made enquiries with the web development company about slowing this down, we are awaiting a response
 I like all the changes to Ask Ollie Thank you for your comments. Improvements are made to Ask Ollie in response to feedback as part of the co-production process. 
 I would like more information about bowling The Ask Ollie team attend a variety of forums and committees to find out about new targeted and inclusive clubs and activities for children and young people with SEND
 I would like more information about the Learning Village at Green Lane Thank you for your comments, the Ask Ollie team looked into this and found that the information about the learning village was already on Ask Ollie but was rather tricky to find. We have now made sure that it can be found by its name or key words in the search bar.
 I would like more pictures In response to feedback, more pictures have been added throughout Ask Ollie. Symbols were added to the directory pages alongside text and photographs added to information pages and the moving carousel. We try to make sure that any new content pages on Ask Ollie includes pictures or symbols.