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Brief Overview

Children and young people with special educational needs may get help with transport to school or college.

If your child attends his or her nearest school we will provide free home-to-school transport for primary aged pupils who live more than two miles away, and for secondary aged pupils who live more than three miles away. If the route to school is unsafe to walk, accompanied as necessary, we will provide suitable transport. Routes are classified as unsafe by the local authority hazardous route procedure.

In the case of pupils with a statement or Education, Health and Care plan, the "nearest suitable" school will be that which best meets a child's needs, which may be the local school, a mainstream school with an appropriate designated unit or a special school. We will provide transport or travel assistance to a designated unit or special school if we agree that the school is the one that best meets your child's needs and it is over the statutory walking distance. If you prefer your child to go to a different special school, you will normally be responsible for transport arrangements and costs.

We will consider providing transport for children with a statement or Education, Health and Care plan that live less than the statutory walking distance on a discretionary basis.

Contact Details

To apply to be considered for home to school/college transport you should complete the SEN transport application form [pdf] and send it to:

Integrated Services for Children with Additional Needs, 2nd Floor, New Town House,

Buttermarket Street, Warrington, WA1 2NH

Telephone: 01925 442917