WBC Cotton nappy scheme

It's time to get 'real' better for baby, better for you, better for the environment!
Recycle for Warrington.
There is an alternative to disposable nappies. By using cotton nappies you're helping the environment.
Modern cotton nappies have come a long way since traditional terry nappies and are now much easier to use.
They're naturally absorbent without relying on gels and chemicals used in disposables.
Babies wearing cotton nappies are generally potty-trained 6-12 months earlier than those in disposables.
They're easy to use. Modern cotton nappies are shaped for a snug fit and use Velcro fastens instead of pins, Cotton nappies can be washed again and again, saving you money and helping the environment.
They're affordable. You can save money using cotton nappies and change your baby's nappy as often as you need without extra cost.
Council incentive schemes Warrington Borough Council are offering subsidised cotton nappies. Spend £50 or more on cotton nappies and receive a £30 discount. This offer is available through Lizzies Real Nappies. How much could you save? Using cotton nappies from birth to potty training can save you around £500, compared to disposables.
Follow the link for information about discounted cotton nappy schemes in Warrington. http://www.warringtonchildren.org/kb5/warrington/fsd/organisation.page?id=BQ-FPV4yPJY

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