Deafness Support Network

Deafness Support Network provides a range of services for children and adults with a hearing loss and their families.
This includes the following services:
• Technical Service, assessment for equipment to aid in the home, such as doorbells, alarm clocks, telephones and television aids.
• Children and Adults Service, Social Care support, Outreach Service, support with housing, employment, benefits and budgeting.
• Deaf/Blind Rehabilitation Service, support for people with a dual sensory loss (Deaf/blind) .
• Communicator Guide Service, support for people with a dual sensory loss (Deaf /blind).
• Fire Advocacy Service, fire safety assessment in association with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Youth service, open to deaf and hearing young people between 11-25 years old.
• Family Tactics Service, support for families, where a member of the family has a hearing loss.
• Day Service, week day group for adults with additional needs.
• Supported Living Service, facilities for adults with additional needs.
• HAND Project, health information and awareness for people with a hearing loss, including focus groups which provide feedback to health service providers.
• Training Service, training in British Sign Language and deaf awareness.
• Volunteer Service, opportunities for people to volunteer at DSN or request volunteer support.
What languages other than English are spoken? Is translation available? - British Sign Language. Telephone the organisation on 0808 208 2440 or fax 01606 49456 or Text phone 01606 350823.

0333 220 5050 Textphone 01606 350823


Deafness Support Network

144 London Road