Claire House Children's Hospice

Claire House aims to offer an effective and appropriate service to children and young people with a life limiting life threatening illness aged between 0 - 23 years.
Various criteria will be used to assess the suitability of Claire House and whether it is the most appropriate environment to meet their individual needs. Each child/young person would generally be under 16 years of age at initial referral, although there may be exceptions to this under certain circumstances.
Hospice care provision will be flexible and individualised.
Every child's needs will be reviewed on an annual basis. In most cases a home assessment will take place to further add to the information gained from the GP, hospital consultant or other appropriate professional, to help identify their specific needs and how best Claire House can support the child and family.
Children/young people requiring terminal care will be a priority for the Hospice.
The aim is to achieve the best quality of life for the child/young person and family.
Respite care will be planned, flexible care in a home from home environment with appropriate nursing and medical support, which offers parents or usual carers the choice of continuing the care of their child/young person and/or facilitate an interval of respite.
Emergency respite care can be booked at short notice.
Claire House will always prioritise End of Life care and can support this both at home or in the hospice.
Bereavement support will be offered to the family for as long as is required.
We also offer a Hospice to Home service for children and young people who meet the Claire House eligibility criteria.
The service can be accessed by Families who live in Merseyside, North Wales (part) Cheshire and the Isle of Man and have a child/young adult where medical confirmation is given that the child/young person is suffering from a life threatening or life shortening condition.
Welsh language is spoken and interpreters are available if required.

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Claire House Children's Hospice

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