Cinema Exhibitor Association Card

Please note that the information has been extracted from the Cinema Exhibitor Association Card website.
The Cinema Exhibitors’ Association (CEA) Card was introduced in 2004 in response to requests from both cinemas and organisations representing disabled people.
These requests arose from a desire to ensure disabled people received an appropriate reasonable adjustment when visiting the cinema, especially where this concession relates to another person assisting the disabled person.
The CEA Card provides a means of demonstrating the need for such assistance and is intended to reduce any issues which might arise in identifying the need for such an adjustment at the time of a visit.
The CEA Card allows you to obtain ONE free ticket for the person who is accompanying you to enable you to visit the cinema, by providing the assistance you require as a result of your disability, provided you purchase an applicable full price ticket for yourself for the same performance of the same film in the same auditorium.
The free ticket is provided on the assumption that the person who accompanies you is able to provide you with appropriate assistance.
For example, this might include
• Assisting you in moving around the cinema including finding and taking a seat;
• Helping you evacuate the cinema in the event of an emergency;
• Accompanying and/or assisting you in using the cinema’s toilets;
• Assisting you in purchasing refreshments.
Please see the following link on how to apply for a card
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CEA Card

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