Childrens Social Skills Development Course

This is an intensive social skill class for children, the course will focus on key developmental areas for children and young people with Autism Spectrum Condition, including Asperger’s Syndrome.
The course will be delivered using a range of discussions, physical activities, resource sheets and DVD film clips.
An initial assessment will take place with the child and their parents or carers. This will be where you tell me what concerns you have regarding your child's communication and social interaction.
The main body of the course will run for six weeks. During this time, children will be set manageable tasks to work on when they have completed the course.
One month later, a follow up session will take place when the children and their parents or carers will talk about how they have been working toward their tasks, and the positive improvements they have made.
The overarching theme will be social interaction and communication, which will be interlinked with topics including;
• Personalities,
• Feelings,
• Describing people,
• Communication (various aspects),
• Conversation (good/bad conversations turn taking etc.),
• Starting a conversation,
• Listening skills,
• Body language,
• Talking and interaction (how, speed, volume etc.),
• Assertiveness,
• Coping with disappointment
• Expressing yourself.

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