Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT)

Child Accident Prevention Trust - National (UK) Child Safety Charity.
Accidental injury is a leading cause of death among children and young people, putting more children in hospital than any other cause.
Every year in the UK around 2 million children are taken to hospital accident and emergency departments as a result of accidents and around 200 die as a result of their injuries. As well as the shock and pain of injury - which may take months or even years of treatment - serious childhood accidents can damage lives, disrupt education and threaten future life chances.
Children from the poorest families are often most at risk from accidental injury. We understand that experimenting and risk-taking are part of growing up and we're not suggesting that children should be 'wrapped in cotton wool'.
In recent years, good progress has been made in reducing the number of children who are killed, hurt and disabled through preventable accidents. But we believe that more can and should be done.
The Child Accident Prevention Trust works with many different partners nationally and locally to get prevention messages across. This involves community contact with people ranging from children's centres and health visitors to road safety officers and fire and rescue services.
Our annual awareness and education campaign, Child Safety Week is growing in support and local involvement all the time.
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Find out more about how you and your family can take simple steps to safety, whether in the home, on the roads or when out and about in the wider community and its surroundings.
See our main website Child Accident Prevention website for more information and advice
Our resources include:-
• Leaflets
• posters and fliers around the following topics: -
o General child safety
o Home and garden safety
o Road safety
o Safety in day-care
o Support materials
o and post-accident support.
We can also provide training and consultancy services. Support for managers and practitioners, as health and local authority teams work more closely together during this transition period for public health, CAPT can provide support for strategy development and partnership working around children’s safety and wellbeing.
For more information, visit our Making the Link website and sign up for our e-bulletin. You can also contact us direct - details below.
Our services are suitable for local health and wellbeing boards and strategy managers. Childcare practitioners, children's centre staff, childminders, PCTs, GPs, health visitors, road safety officers, fire and rescue services, ambulance services, police, parents, grandparents, schools and school nurses, local authority housing, environmental health and trading standards.

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