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For many children growing up in the UK, the chance to enjoy days out or a visit to the beach is a distant dream.
Chicks is a national children's charity which provides disadvantaged children in the UK with free, week-long respite breaks in the countryside and by the sea. The children are aged between 8-15 years and come from a variety of backgrounds, including children that live in poverty, have suffered abuse or act as young carers for sick or disabled family members.
Their circumstances at home mean that they are missing out on 'normal' childhood experiences, and they all share the fact that they desperately need a break. This year, chicks aims to help 1,200 disadvantaged children from right across the country, giving children what is often the first 'holiday' of their lives.
During their break, the children have the chance to form happy childhood memories, make new friends and take part in activities like climbing, horse riding, surfing and team games.
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