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Some children with additional health needs or disability are identified at or very early after birth.
For these preschool children many of the health assessments take place at the Child Development Centre (CDC) at Sandy Lane in Orford.
Referral to the CDC is usually via health professionals. On referral many of the initial appointments are with the Specialist Learning Disability Nurse who will visit the family in the home to explain the role of the CDC.
This will be followed by an assessment with the Community Paediatrician and possibly the Health Visitor. The Paediatrician will work with parents to carry out an assessment of the child's development and areas of need.
Assessments may also be carried out by other members of the team such as Physiotherapists, Audiologists or Speech and Language Therapists.
After the assessment process is complete the team will discuss with parents any diagnosis that is appropriate, any further actions or therapy required and will create a support plan for the family.
A child may attend the following as part of a programme – this is organised by the specialist nurses and physiotherapists to enable pre-school children aged 18 month plus to have the opportunity to learn in structured play sessions with parents.
Attendance at the group is by invitation only and places are offered on a termly basis. The Sunshine Assessment Nursery is located in Sandy Lane Children's Centre, Sandy Lane, Orford. Children may be admitted to the nursery for one or two sessions in the academic year in which they are 3 years old.
Sandy Lane Nursery School and Dallam Nursery have supported places for children with additional needs which are accessed following discussion with the early years SEN consultant.

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