Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust (Bridgewater) is a leading provider of community health services in the north west of England.
The majority of the services are delivered in patients' homes or at locations close to where they live, such as clinics, health centres, GP practices, community centres and schools.
The services at a glance are health visiting, school nursing, child development centres, complex needs, safeguarding, child and adolescent mental health, children's community therapy, stop smoking, weight management, health trainers, sexual health, urgent care, walk in centres, district nurses (including out of hours), GP out of hours, intermediate care, home-based intravenous therapy.
For long Term Conditions, community neurosciences, continence, community matrons, services for people with diabetes, stroke, respiratory and heart problems. Dermatology, orthopaedic and muscular-skeletal, podiatry, cancer and palliative care, wheelchairs and equipment, community physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, learning disabilities and falls prevention.
Dental, oral health promotion, specialist dental services for people with physical and learning disabilities, looked after children and those with anxiety issues.

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Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Bevan House

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Who can be contacted for further information?

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