Beamont Community Primary School

We view each child, not in isolation, but as a member of his/her own family and the community in which he/she lives.
We see the relationship between children, teachers and parents as of the utmost importance in the education of the children. Every effort is made to make parents feel welcome in school, and they are encouraged to participate in different ways, parents work with children and teachers in the classroom, accompany us on educational visits, attend meetings and discussions, open days and festivals, arrange and participate in social and fund-raising occasions. We believe that good relationships between staff and parents, on formal and informal occasions, will benefit the children as mutual trust and understanding develop.
At Beamont Community Primary School we have a parents' room where parents are always welcome. The room is open during school hours for parents and pre-school children to meet socially and specific activities are also organised. We have open evenings when children's work and profiles are available and parents have the opportunity to discuss their child's progress with the Class teacher and the Headteacher.
Staff are also available to see parents, after school if possible, about individual problems, when the need arises.
Childcare provision related to this school is Beamont Community Primary (Nursery). Please see separate entry under 'nursery' for more details, Beamont Wasps Link Club. Please see separate entry under 'childcare' for more details. Childminders also provide out of school care and some may have specified they pick up/drop off from this school.
For more detailed information of childcare linked to this school please contact the Families Information Service who can offer comprehensive up to date information on registered childcare in Warrington, including childminders, day nurseries, pre-schools, playgroups, out of school and holiday clubs, carer & toddler groups, leisure activities and much more.
For WBC School Admissions, transport and pupil services team please telephone 01925 443322

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Beamont Community Junior School

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