Babycalm Toddlercalm

Babycalm helps to give confidence to new parents to trust their own instincts when caring for their baby. It's workshops and classes deal with issues such as crying, colic and sleep. It also offers antenatal and postnatal classes. Babycalm offers five different courses, up to the age of 1. Babycalm Mother and Baby Class (babies and Mums only, suited from newborn up to 20 weeks) Babycalm Baby Calming workshop (for all new parents and babies) Babycalm Antenatal workshop (for all parents to be during pregnancy) Babycalm baby led weaning workshop Babycalm sleep workshop (3 hour course) Toddlercalm is Babycalm's sister company. It helps parents to understand their toddler and use this knowledge to help them be calm and contented, which in turn leads to happier parents too! For parents of toddlers 1-4 years old. There are three courses on offer from Toddlercalm: Toddler Calming workshop (3 hour workshop),Toddler Sleep workshop, Toddler Calm Parenting course

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