Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory is the only baby programme that offers a complete approach to learning and development from birth to 13 months.
The rich and varied sensory experience and activities enable babies to develop in every way. What is really exciting about Baby Sensory is that there are literally hundreds of activities that are fun to do with your baby! From Fibre optic light shows to glowing bouncy balls, bells, bubbles, rainbows, puppets, silky scarves and water play its all great fun! Singings, signing, baby whispering, baby massage, music, hide and seek activities. No two classes are ever the same!
Monthly specials available as a paying guest, information is available on the web page.
Some research programmes are being undertaken at present. Parents are asked if they want their babies to take part if so parents are required to complete a questionnaire (not the class leader).
Already research has shown that Baby Sensory babies are reaching some of the developmental milestone earlier than other babies studied.
You can NOW book your classes on-line. See website for session venues and times.

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Who can be contacted for further information?

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