B.I.R.D. (Brain Injury Rehabilitation & Development)

The B.I.R.D. charity offers support, assessment and treatment to children and adults with special educational needs.

0800 028 6256 (helpline) 01244 678629


B.I.R.D (Brain Injury Rehabilitation & Development)

The Old Coach House

Church Road



SEND Local Offer description

The B.I.R.D. Centre offers a unique therapy to persons affected by brain injury and/or learning difficulty. Service users are assessed at B.I.R.D. and treatment recommended accordingly. Therapy comprises an exercise based treatment programme, which is performed by the individual within their own home on a daily basis. Treatment programmes typically take 20-30 minutes to complete each day and are non-invasive. Service users are supported by their family members/carers to carry out their treatment programmes each day. Service users are regularly reassessed at B.I.R.D. throughout the course of their treatment, until discharge from treatment, which is typically after 12-18 months on programme. Service users who are successful in implementing a daily programme of treatment regularly report improvements in activities of daily living, including improved academic development, improvements in social, communication and behavioural development, as well as improved health, sleep and mental health.

SEND Local Offer contact name

Sarah Jones

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Who can be contacted for further information?

01244 678629