Amazing Life

Children and young people often struggle to make and keep good relationships, they struggle to express themselves effectively and they have difficulty setting themselves goals and working towards them. Amazing Life recognises that the pressures of everyday living impact on children in many different ways and understands the importance of learning how to alleviate the physical, emotional and neurological symptoms that can result from these pressures. I believe that balanced, integrated and healthy children will naturally perform better, feel happier, achieve more, mix better socially and have a greater sense of self-confidence.It is essential that children learn at an early age the importance of relaxation skills and skills to help them manage their ever changing emotions, it is also essential that they develop a healthy level of self esteem and a positive outlook to their future whilst understanding empathy and respect for their peers and adults. Amazing Life offers a number of opportunities for children to gain essential life skills or learn how to manage emotions during certain times in childhood. Amazing Life offers - Relax Kids group sessions in schools and organisations, Youth Clubs, Scouts and Cubs groups, Brownies, Children's Centres etc, and also Amazing Life 1-1 private sessions for children.

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