Action for Prisoners' and Offenders Families

Action for Prisoners' and Offenders' Families (APOF) part of Family Lives, is a network for those committed to the well-being of prisoners' and offenders' families.
APOF wants every prisoners' and offenders' family to get the support they would like and need.
APOF works to reduce the negative impact of imprisonment and offending on families by; producing publications and resources for prisoners' and offenders' families, children, and for practitioners, providing advice, information and training to our network, providing our members with opportunities to network to share experiences, concerns and successes, listening to prisoners' and offenders' families and working with them to improve services provided, lobbying for improved structures, procedures, conditions and services that affect the well-being of prisoners' and offenders' families and promoting best practice.

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Who can be contacted for further information?

0207 553 7653