Accent Warrington & Halton Music Education Hub

Accent Music Education Hub offers a range of instrumental and arts tuition through small group and whole class lessons. Tuition is available in the following areas:

•Whole Class Strings
•Whole Class DJ Skills
•Brass (small groups & whole class)
•Strings (small groups & whole class)
•Woodwind including bassoon and recorder (small groups & whole class)
•Whole class Keyboard
•Whole class percussion (Samba & African Drumming)
•Whole class Gospel Singing
•Whole class Early Years and Key Stage 1 Music and Movement + Phonics

Accent Music Education Hub also offers a range of ensemble activities open to any child living in Warrington - whether they learn privately or through the music hub. To find out more about ensembles that are running in your area, please contact the music hub using the details listed below.

01925 442097


East Annexe

Town Hall

Sankey Street



Who can be contacted for further information?