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Most children will move through education without any difficulties, but some children may have difficulties in learning. This can be a worrying time for you and your child.

A child or young person may have a special educational need if they carry on having more difficulty than others in learning and developing skills despite extra support. It is important to identify children and young people with special educational needs from children and young people who are underachieving but who can and will catch up.

Special educational needs is often referred to as 'SEN' or ‘SEND’ or additional needs. Children with special educational needs have learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn. These children may need extra or different help.

If your child’s school or setting thinks that he/she may have special educational needs or additional needs, they will talk to you about it and explain how they are going to meet his/her needs.

If you are worried about your child’s progress, talk to the class teacher, the head teacher or the special educational needs and disabilities coordinator (SENDCO). They will be able to talk to you about your concerns and discuss what you and they can do to help.

Most children and young people who use Warrington educational services should be able to get a range of support and services, where it is available and where it is seen as appropriate by the educational provider.


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Online resources 

  • Focus on SEND training is a free course aiming to help teachers and educational practitioners working across the 0 – 25 years age range to develop high quality practice in order to better meet the needs of their learners with SEND. 
  • The SEND Gateway, an online portal offering education professionals free, easy access to high quality information, resources and training for meeting the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities. 

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